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Tulga Fifth Wheel Co. is a leading manufacturer of fifth wheels, kingpin, pintle hooks and their accessories for both oems and aftermarket products that aims to exceed customer expectations with our provided service. We are a dedicated manufacturer of 3 point tractor hitch drawbar adapters,  fifth wheel hitch plates, kingpin, automatic towing hitches, drawbar eyes, landing gears for semi trailers, pintle hooks and their accessories and repair kits since 1976.  

Get Started In The Hotshot Business!

Hotshot-USA’s E-Guide “How To Get Started In The Hotshot Business” is like having a friend in the business. It answered all the questions I needed to get started and STAY MAKING MONEY ON THE ROAD!

Learn how you can average $1,200 per day in America’s fastest growing-profitable business opportunity. Learn the risks, laws and costs of maintaining on the road. 17 packed chapters that are surely to keep you making money on the road.

  • What is Hotshot Trucking?

  • How much can I make?

  • CDL or Non-CDL

  • How to find loads

  • What type of truck is needed

  • Insurance & Tax Info

  • Costs of getting started

  • Do I need good credit?

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